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Difficulty: Medium
Length: short
Member: Yes

1 Quest point
8000 Runecrafting XP
2000 Defence XP
A Beacon Ring
A simpler way to go to Chaos Altar

Start: Rat Burgiss

Need skills:
35 Runecrafting.
Can kill a level 47 King Roald and 5 level 35 Outlaws.

Need quest: Rune Mysteries

Required items:
A Bowl (available at the general store in Varrock)
Chaos talisman or Chaos tiara
15 Chaos runes (do it yourself, or go to GE)
Items to fight 5 level 35 Outlaws and level 47 King Roald (food…)
It is recommended to have a set of Teleport runes to Varrock

1. Talk to Rat Burgiss. Ask him if he can get his thesis. He tells you that his paper was taken away by the robber, and then he gives you an empty folder and tells you that he needs to help him get his paper.
2. Go to the robber’s base to go to the strong file, go to this place to kill 5 robbers, pick up Rat’s papers, use on folder

3. Go back to Rat Burgiss and give him your folder. Then he will give a letter saying that he wants you to bring it to Surok Magis.

4. After arriving at the library and handing the letter to Surok Magis, he tells you that he can make the clay into a gold bar. But he needs a bowl and wand incasted with the power of chaos, then he will give you a regular wand and a diary.

5. You are now going to Chaos Altar. There are now three ways to go:
1) The safest and best way is to use Ttunnel of chaos, but you need 42
Mining. After that, you will see the saradomin statue. He will give you a Bronze Pickaxe after talking to Anna Jones. Use bronze Pickaxe on the statue will dig a tunnel, go straight after going in, until you see a portal, go in.

2) Enter with Chaos Tiara or Chaos Talisman

3) Enter with abyss

6.use regular wand on Chaos Altar (don’t forget to bring 15 chose runes) and your regular wand will become infused wand.

7. Bring your infused wand back to Surok Magis. He will tell you that he needs time to practice, and he will send you a letter and let you bring it to Rat Burgiss.

8. After bringing the letter from Surok’s to Rat, he will reveal to you that he is the secret commander of varrock, and then he will tell you that Surok knows a spell to control the king (
9. Zaff is at the southwest corner of Varrock Square. Tell him that Rat Burgiss is calling you. He will say that you need to kill the king and he can save the king. He will give you a Beacon ring, and when you kill the king, operate it and Zaff will help you.

10. Go back to Surok Magis and tell him that your death is over and he will summon king to hit you.

11. When you kill King, your talk bar will tell you that you can summon Zaff, and operate the ringZaff to help.

12. Return to Rat Burgiss, congratulations, mission completion

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