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Difficulty: Medium
Skills: 14th grade pharmacy, 14 magic, 15 theft, 25 agility and 40 level mining.
Must defeat the level68 monster. Can resist the attack of level 111 monsters.
Items need: 20gp+ (multiple points with a 5K) a gold bar, a lit candle, a death rune, a pickaxe, a dragon Dragon bones, bat bones, 1 Janger berry (obtained in the mission), 2 ropes (Rope), guam leaf (3rd grade herbs), Vial of water, Pestle and mortar (buy at any herblore store). (One of the dragon shields, the blue dragon in the mission, so take a dragon shield to prevent it from being sprayed!). With the knife (can cut the spider web), after you have made these things, you have to have a few spaces to get things from other tasks.
Note: Lit Candle
Bat bones{obtained in the mission}
Reward: 4Quest Points
5000gp, 15250 magic exp, ability to use level58 to fly W City magic.
For questions about how to get to Yanille City, you can use (Ring of duelling to choose Castle wars to go west). You can also go to the pier below F City to take a boat and go to Port Khazzrd with 1280GP.
After arriving at the pier, walk towards the top left of the pier and you will see a grocery store with ropes to sell, buy two, then go to the lower left to reach Yanille City.
Starting point: The watchtower is next to the Yanille city gate.
Climb up from the window to the 3rd floor (the end of the arrow)

1. Start: Talk to the hand watchtower on the 3rd floor to start the mission.
2. Search for the bushes in the direction of the arrow to get the fingernails and get back and talk to the watchtower.
3. Now go to the first floor and take a lit candle on the table.
Note: If you do not take a candle. When you enter the cave, it will be dark and you can’t see anything.
Look at the map below

Go now #2 position
Kill a bat (picking a bat bone)
Go to #3 now
Talk to Og and you will get a key
Now that you are going down, you will see a small island #4, use the rope on the branch at #5 to talk to Grew and then pick one (jangerberries) away from the island.
The place to go now is #6, but you can’t cross the bridge. Now you can go to #6’s position and you can go to #6. You can talk to toban. He says that if you want a keel, you won’t eat you, give him a keel, you Will get a Relic Part 3 killing level 68 Gorad You get a tooth open box to find toban’s gold
Now go back to #4 and talk to Grew, give him the teeth, get Relic Part 2 and a crystal.
Go back to #3 and talk to Og and give him toban’s gold to get Relic Part 1
Now go back to the task start point (#1) and the Watchtower Wizard dialog. You will give 3 parts to him. He will give you an Ogre Relic. Now you can enter the city of Ogre.
Now go to the #9 position, talk to the guard (will be called out) and talk to the guard again, you can go in.
Pick a Rock cake at #10 and don’t eat it, or you will lose blood.
Go to location #11 now, you will see two guards, give him a rock cake
Now go to position #12, if you want to pass, you have to pay 20GP to pass, and dialogue with level 83, he will give you a riddle, the answer is death rune, give him death rune, he will give you a scavid map.
Now go to the D cave and talk to the scared scavid, he will teach you their language.
Now leave the cave, enter the cave in order (location # A, B, C, E), and talk to the NPC inside, they have a secret number, you must answer correctly, the following is the corresponding code
A. Bidith Tanath – Reply Cur
B. Gor Cur – Reply Ar
C. Cur Bidith – Reply Ig
E. Tanath Gor – Reply Nod
Go to #14, you see two guards, they want a gold block to let you pass. Go all the way, go to #15 with an underground cave, go down and talk to Mad skavid, and answer the question correctly (he asks Ar Cur, you answer Gor). You got the second crystal, pick 2 in the hole. Cave nighthade (to pick a few more, if you accidentally eat it later or if you have the right words, you have to pick it up first)
Now go to the #16 position and use cave nighthade on the level83 level to get into the cave.
After entering the cave, go north, there is a cave, go out.
Go to the task start point. Look for the watchtower conversation, then add the guam leaf to the bottle filled with water, then put in the jangerberries, grind the bat bones with a grinder and add it to the potion. (If you add the wrong one, you will lose blood.) Talk to watchtower again, he will add a spell to the potion~!
Now go back to the #16 cave, use the same method as the last time, use the potion-filled potion to kill all (6) Ogre Shamans, and when you kill the last shamans, he will fall. The third crystal.
Go to the middle island and dig with a mine hoe. You should be able to get the 4th lost crystal.
Going north, going out of the cave, going back to the watchtower
Put 4 crystals on the column,
Pull the rod, the ceremony begins, the mission is completed!

Note: There is a skill scroll after the mission is completed! Read the scroll, if your magic level to 58, you can use the magic of flying W city.


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