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First place – Giant sipder! (Under Gunnar’s ground)
Some people say that the giant sipder is only 10 levels. How can it be used for leveling? note! This is a special giant spider that only has SS (the underground of Cannes, the underground of the former barbarian village). This kind of giant spider is the best grade for non-members and members. If you have Saradoin God sword, you can easily level without using food. As far as I know, it can only hit you with 70 drops of blood. That is to say, when your blood stays at 300-400, you can guarantee that you will not die easily. And if it is a member, wearing a dragon suit plus a defense level of 65 or so will basically not hurt you. Non-members have about 70 defenses and then wear a full rune. He basically can’t hurt you, and the defense around 50 can also prevent it. In short, the level above 55 can be used to level it!

Monster file:
Giant sipder
CB lvl: 50
Distribution: underground land in Cannes
Recommended reason: low level of requirements, F2P, P2P are applicable, leveling fast!

Second place – hill giant!
Seeing this, some people say that the moss giant and the ice giant and other giants are higher than the hill giant. Do they not have to level the hill giants?
Attention! It is not necessarily the level of high leveling! The advantage of the hill giant is at his low level, all the fast, the leveling efficiency is greatly improved! His distribution is very wide, but I recommend to first drill the Dungonering to lvl 20 and then go to the Giants section of the Edgville Dungon hill. Go to the deepest, you will see a door, go in and play there. The hill giants play fast, and one can give 100-200 combat experience value (see what you practice), also lose Big bones, buried can give 15 Buddha experience, buried a pack is about 500 Prayer xp. Leveling here is undoubtedly the best choice for people with lower ranks, and is also the best choice for practicing non-members of Prayer!

Monster file
Hill giant
CB lvl: 28
Distribution: very wide
Recommended reason: low level of requirements, good place to find, the best choice for practicing non-members of Prayer!

Third place – White Knight!
This has been controversial. Some people say that Black Knight is well leveled. Some people say that White Knight is good at leveling. However, personally think that it is better to be a white soldier. The black pawn has a fatal flaw: he will not take the initiative to hit you at level 66 or above. The White Soldier has been actively attacking, so there is no player rating. The best place to take the white soldiers is Bai Bingcheng. There is another advantage of Bai Bing, that is, diversity and choice. The level is low, you can play more than 30 levels, the level is slightly higher, you can go to the top level to play level 46 (it seems to be 46, I can’t remember the specific number). A white soldier of level 46 can give 1K-2K combat experience (see what you practice). The disadvantage is that it will take another while to finish again. This is also a good place for group leveling. The experience of several people coming together is not very low. Recommend 35-70 friends to come here to level!

Monster file
White Knight
Distribution: mainly in Falador White Bing City
Recommended reason: choose more, place to find, group leveling good place!

Fourth place – Al-Kharid warrior!
Some people feel that: Level 9 is used to level up? ! Yes, the 9th level can’t be used for leveling, but the Al-Kharid warrior is different. They are distributed in the Akalide Palace, you hit one, the surrounding will come to hit you (I call it 哄), then, when you kill one soon, you will automatically attack the other, so you can kill in 1 minute 10-20 dead. If you are a newbie, blood may soon be deducted a lot (after all, many people are hitting you at the same time). In this case, I suggest you not to hit him first. There are Chinese cabbage in the palace, more than a few, or near the palace. Buy a Kebab in a small store so you can be sure that you don’t die. However, Akali De Warriors are more suitable for players of 10-40 level, and advanced ones are not very good. This is the most fashionable way of leveling in the “poor time”.

Monster file
Al-Kharid warrior
Distribution: Akali Palace
Recommended reason: the requirement level is low, you can free your hands to let him hit you, the novice leveling good place!

Fifth place: non-member demons Big Three!
This is not a monster, but a group. These three giant avatars are brothers: the boss is Hellhound, the second is the Greater Demon, and the weakest third is the Lesser Demon. These three brothers are widely distributed, but the most concentrated place is the wild volcano (Wilderness Volcano). Here is the second child from the bank, and there are a group of bosses and thirds going west. The advantages of these three brothers leveling are high level, each experience is a lot, for the players above level 100 is definitely the best level of leveling, but the high level is also the shortcoming of these three brothers. If you are not a master, taking them to level is completely looking for death. So I suggest that everyone raise the level and come back, don’t look for death.

Monster file
Distribution: very wide
Recommended reason: high level, give more experience, a good way to master leveling!

Monster file
Greater Demon
Distribution: very wide
Recommended reason: Recommended reason: high level, give more experience, a good way to master leveling!

Monster file
Lesser Demon
Distribution: very wide
Recommended reason: high level, give more experience, a good way to master leveling!

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