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Fighting skills

Attack, improve this technique can use more weapons, and improve the yardstick of close physical attacks, in other words, the higher the “attack” skill level, the closer the physical attack is more likely to hit the enemy.
Strength, enhance this technique can improve the power of close physical attack, in other words, the higher the “strength” skill level, the higher the physical attack max hit.
Defence, improve this skill can make you wear more types of armor to reduce the enemy’s hit rate, but the higher the “defense” skill level, the player will not reduce the maximum damage done by the enemy.
Ranged, improve this technique can improve the strength and accuracy of long-range physical attacks, in other words, the higher the “Archery” skill level, the more easily a long-range physical attack will hit the enemy and cause serious damage. The vast majority of bows and arrows fired using this skill can be retrieved after the battle, and a small part will be lost.
Magic, to reach a certain level can open other more advanced magic, and the use of magic will consume the player’s Runes, improve this skill can also improve the power of lower-level magic attacks, the yardstick, in other words, the higher the “magic” skill level The lower level magic attacks are more likely to hit the enemy and cause serious damage. Magic skills are not only used for combat, but higher magic can be used for alchemy, instant transfer, and magic injection. Unlike bows and arrows, the magic stones used will not be retrieved, so magic is considered to be a more expensive skill.
Prayer, reaching a certain level can open up other more advanced prayer techniques, gaining advantages in battle, but it will consume points. For example, from Thick Skin (increase 5% defense), Clarity of Thought (increase 5% attack accuracy) to Protect Item, Steel Skin (increase 15% defense power), Ultimate Strength (increase 15% attack power), Protect from Melee (completely ignoring melee physical attacks from monsters and reducing the damage done by players), etc. The more advanced the number of prayer points is consumed, the faster. The easiest way to improve the experience of prayer technology is to bury the skeleton after killing the enemy. However, this method has very little experience. If you want to gain quicker experience points, you can use the gilded altar inside the player’s house and burn the burner. In this way, you can get 3.5 times the experience value. The most common player is the dragon bone. If the corpse bones can get 72 experience points by burying, but gilded altar can get 252 points, members can bury the highest level of prayer, but non-members can only bury There are more than four dozen waiting for more than five dozen prayers (do not rule out non-members who have prayer 99). After the number of points is exhausted, you can return points in the altar (note that it is not Altar in the later-mentioned magic stone manufacturing). After completing the “The Temple at Senntisten” mission, you can use a new set of prayer (Ancient Curses), which is more powerful and consumes more prayer points.
Constitution, after creating the character, the player’s physical strength starts with 10, life points is physical strength multiplied by ten. When the health reaches 0, it dies, and after death, it will be sent to Respawn Point.
Summoning(vip) ,uses monsters as foreign aids. Different monsters have different functions and can also keep pets. There are some pets that can help players complete their missions.
This is what people choose
Based on melee, attack, defense, power, prayer, health, summon level calculations.
Use Magic as a base to calculate magic, defense, prayer, health, and summon levels.
Use Ranged as a base to calculate archery, defense, prayer, health, summon levels.

Collecting resources

Fishing: You can fish at the designated waterside, most of it is used for food supplemented with health after cooking.
Mining: Digging out different ores from specific veins,
Woodcutting: There are a large number of trees in RuneScape, which can be cut with an axe for firing and building houses and for building arrows.
Farming(vip): Players can grow on the designated farmland and use it as food or medicine.
Thieving(vip) : You can take possession of property from a trading booth or an NPC character. It can also be locked.
Divination(vip): The name of the skill is intended to be divination. In the game, it refers to the skill of collecting God’s energy after the death of God Guthix.

Processing skills

Cooking: This is the skill of making food. The higher the skill, the more advanced foods can be cooked, or the chance of scorching can be reduced. Meat, pasta, drinks, etc.
Crafting: Includes sewing, cutting, diamond making, glassware, etc.
Firemaking: Tinderbox and wood fire can be used. It is mainly used for cooking. The paying members can also use oil lamps, torches, etc., as light for exploration in dark caves. You can also cremate special remains to get rewards from the undead. After reaching a certain level, a mining and logging axe can be obtained.
Runecrafting: Bring Rune Essence to a specific altar, and then use a specific Talisman to make it a magic stone. The Rune Mysteries task can be opened. There is no need to complete missions and magic compasses in cave exploration skills.
Smithing: This method uses the ore you dig from the veins, smelts them into metal blocks, then uses the metal block on the anvil and you need to have a hammer (hammer). ) In the player’s inventory. This skill can make money in free player (F2P), but it takes a short period of time to practice.
Fletching(vip): Can make bows or arrows, darts. Spin the flax into a bow string (bs), and use a knife on a different log, and finally use a bowstring to complete the unfinished bow.
Herblore(vip): This is caused by a number of plants that cause the herb to temporarily enhance some of the player’s skills.

Independent Skills

Agility: This skill is a short time, use shortcuts to go through the road that would otherwise need to go far. Players can use this skill to climb through small holes, jump over rivers, and cliffs. The higher the agility level, the more shortcuts you can use and the faster access to running. You can also go to some places that you couldn’t go.
Construction(vip): The player can use this skill to design his own house, and the house can invite other players to enter. The higher the skill level, the more facilities that can be built.
Slayer(vip): Requires designated automatic players (NPCs) to give slaughter-specific missions, slaughtering a specified number of monsters, beasts, and get rewards and experience. Raising the slaughter level can kill some of the more advanced monsters, some of which kill well.
Hunting(vip): Use the designated equipment to capture the designated wild animal. For example, use a Butterfly net to catch the butterfly.

Comprehensive Skills

This skill needs to be relatively high in all aspects, otherwise it cannot be practiced well.
Dungeoneering: Equivalent to a copy, use all of the above skills to survive, solve mysteries, explore, and kill monsters in the Devil’s Dungeon, and eventually fight with the boss. Improve this skill can also use some advanced weapons and armor. The maximum level is 120.
The level limit for each skill is similar to most online games and is 99. When the player’s skill reaches this level, the member can use 99,000 coins to buy the cloak of the corresponding technology to prove the achievements in this technology, namely cape of achievement, also known as skill cape. Zezima was the first player to qualify for a cloak of all skills.
In October 2007, Jagex added a player help system to the technology. In a technically low-level player, you can apply for help from high-level players. A player with a low skill level in the help process can use the other party’s technology to make an item, and a player who gives help gets a corresponding experience value. First, to reduce the use of technology to defraud the crook of goods, because there is no need to give the unprocessed items to high-level people, there is no fraud to return the items; Second, to reduce the difficulty of cooperation.
Experience value: Basically, each time the player performs a skill-related behavior, the experience value of the skill will increase, and the level of the experience value may affect the skill progression and the player’s authority. The minimum experience for each skill is 0, and the maximum is 200,000,000. After the 26 skills are all trained, the total experience is 5,200,000,000.

Combat Level

Combat Level, abbreviated as CB Lvl or CBT Lvl. CB lvl=max{att, str, hp, mag, rag}+def+2, above is the statement of the mathematical language, that is: the combat level is equal to the attack or power or physical strength or the maximum value of the magic or bow and arrow level plus the defensive level plus 2. If it is a melee basis, you need to increase the level of attack, strength, defense, prayer, or summoning to increase the level of the battle. If it is a base of magic, you need to raise a certain level of magic, prayer, or summon to increase the battle. If it is a ranged basis , you need to raise a certain level of bow and arrow, prayer, or summon to raise the combat level. What other players can intuitively see is your level. Members have a maximum rating of 200. Players can view their Combat Level where they Switch attack mode.

Total Level

Total Level, also known as Skill Total, referred to as Tot Lvl. As the name implies, the total level is the sum of all skill levels of the player. If you only practice combat skills (described earlier), you cannot raise the total grade to a very high level, but you need to practice more life skills before you can raise the overall level to a certain height. After the total level reaches 1000, 1500, 2000, 2400, you can enter special servers (servers with Skill Total (1000), (1500), (2000), (2400)). The people in these servers are generally Life skills are relatively high. Raising any skill can increase the overall rating. Players can view their Total Level at places where they are viewing various skill levels.

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