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Skills – Refractories

It seems to be the most boring skill of RS. Fire points lv1 and lv99 never change, anyway you can bring barbecue.
It should be noted that the higher the log level, the longer the burn time after ignition. As a general rule, for each level of tree growth, the burn time increases by 15 seconds.
1. Take the ax and cut the tree and get the tree (log).
2. Find the cube. Tinderbox can be purchased at a general shop.
3. Heal properly with a diary drummer.
Name of the log level of the experience record
Magazine 1 40
Oak log
Willow Magazine 30 90
Yew Logs 60 202.5 Skills – Articles

Very funny skills. You can use it to perform all kinds of things, it is a skill that players who want to experience the fun of rs can not miss.
1. Drill lumps with clay.
2. Mix clay and water to obtain soft clay.
3. Place a soft cup on a pottery wheel and get a semifinished product, pie, or ball.
4. Place the semifinished product in the pot oven. Potter’s stove is in a savage village and you can make a guild.
* Semi-finished products may be broken. The higher the level of craftsmanship, the lower the probability of shredding.

The name of Exp. Total experience to spin Exp
Pot 1 6.3 6.3 12.6
Pie dish 4 15 10 25
Bowl 7 18 15 33

Level name of Craft Exp. received
Holy symbol 16 50
Holy blessing
1. Attach the symbol to the sphere of the thread to obtain an unconscious sacred symbol.
2. Go to the second floor of the monastery and find the yard brothers and ask him: “What can a young adventurer like you to do to help you?” He blesses your obvious sacred symbol To do.
Name before request name
Evil symbols of sacred symbol prayer level 31 + 2 in all defense bonuses
+8 Supplement of prayer

Gold Jewelry
1. Drill a gold ore to make a gold stick.
2. Use sculptures to process unprocessed jewelry of jewelry. Raw jewelry can be obtained by killing mines and monsters. You can also purchase from other players. In addition, Farador and Al-Carlid have a jewelry shop.
3. Prepare several forms. Molds can be purchased with Rimmington and Al-Harid Grow Shop, and you can have your own playing point when creating the guild.
4. Bring a golden bar, jewelry and mold, use the gold bar in the oven and select the gem you want to create in the menu that will be displayed.

Leather making
1. Cattle (cattle) will receive a little bark.
2. Please allow Tanner to get your skin out of bovine skin or hard skin.
3. Use a needle or thread on your leather or hard skin and select what you want to do. Needles and yarns can be purchased at cultivation plants of Rimmington and al-Harid. What.

The name of Exp.
Gloves 11 3.8
Boots 7 16.3
Hood 9 18.5
Fairy tales 11 22
Leather Body 14 25
Chapter 18 27
Koif 38 37
Hard leather case 28 35

Specify a name to cut Cut. The ring of lvl. Ring exp. lvl necklace. Necklace expert ur amulet. Amulet experience
Nogem – – 5 15 6 20 8 30
Sapphire 20 50 8 40 10 55 13 65
Emerald 27 67.5 18 55 24 60 30 70
Rubin 34 85 30 70 70 40 75 50 85
Diamond 43 107.5 42 85 56 90 70 100
Magic amulet
1. Use wool scissors to get wool.
2. Rotate the wool with a rotating grindstone to obtain a sphere of thread. Spin wheels are located in Lumbridge and Falador.
3. Use a wool ball on the enamel and get a talisman.
4. Use the amulet that stretched the weapon and gain a magical amulet.
After reaching the name of the name before the name magic level
Sapphire Amulet Magic Amulet 7 +10 Magic Attack Bonus
Emerald amulet Amulet 27 +7 Defense Bonus
Ruby’s Amulet Amusement Strength 49 +10 Strength Bonus
Amulets diamond 59 +5 power strikes with all bonuses to defend defense
+5 Str Bonus, + 1 Prayer Bonus

1. Dig in silver ore and make silver stick.
2. Prepare the shape of the sacred symbol. The sacred symbolic type can be purchased at Rimmingtons and al-Haridas craft store, and the creation of the guild has points of regeneration.
3. Hold the wand and silver mold, use the silver bar of the oven, and select the symbol to be displayed on the displayed menu.

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