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Novice weapon selection

What weapons are best for novices? This is a common problem for many newcomers. After the new version of the novice task is completed, nothing is given to you. Choosing a weapon becomes a big problem. Personally recommend to get a free copper sword at the Varrock Sword shop. After earning some money, go to the Varrock Sword shop and buy an Iron knife. Then go to the Varrock beer house or Lumbrige Castle to kill Man and Woman. , practicing attack and strength. Look at the money they lost, and then have money to go to G.E. Buy Steel 2h sword, wait for attack level 20 and sell Steel 2h sword to buy Mithril 2h sword. All in all, the novice’s weapon type is converted from a sword to a knife and then converted to 2h.

How to make money at the beginning of non-members

Well, it’s the turn of this new person’s most concerned topic. The following practices will guarantee you at least 10K assets and 30-45 battle levels in one hour! fake! impossible! It is not necessary. In fact, this one hour is really irrelevant. When you are playing this hour, the person next to you may have played for 1000 hours. RS is no more than a domestic web game, no need to pursue what is the fastest level, because all the servers are together, all players can also meet. Here you can understand the meaning of casual 2 words, you can do any activities and anything at any time, no time limit. Unlike most domestic games, making the timetable in the game a spiritual burden.

Ok, step into the topic. Non-members, especially newcomers, usually have two numbers, one for the PK trumpet, and one for the real experience of RS. The following are a few routes for making money, that is for members. Providing resources, so-called migrant workers. Don’t feel that your status is low, and the private CEO is also promoted by wage earners. The RS world is very large and the funds are very rich, so the following items are all hot items.
Cow hide, lobster, swordfish, coal, yew, big bone, and limpwurt (like fish-shaped biscuits), of course, There are also various mines (bar) above the iron! There are buyers who are familiar with fish. Don’t doubt if you don’t need these things anyday, these are all basic resources! People have been doing RS for 9 years and these things are still in circulation. You will be guilty of this heart, just need to provide it. All of the above are well collected, like those cumbersome and not very profitable, left to the foreigner’s small P children to get it, such as the leather into a hard skin, etc., a more than 50 income, no on.
The following are the current prices of these items, which have not increased much in recent months. All are classified.
Crafting: cow hide 243gp, hard leather 290gp, soft leather 298gp Only sells cowhide, monotonous errands will naturally be done by foreigners.
Fishing cooking: raw lobster 269gp, lobster 173gp, raw swordfish 509gp, swordfish 432gp The sale is more expensive than cooked, and people have to practice cooking.
Mining: coal 285gp
Woodcutting: yew log 503gp.
Prayer: big bone 654gp
To the members of the pharmaceutical supplies (herblore): limpwurt 2593gp.

Ok, let’s talk about how to collect these items as quickly as possible. I only say 2 roads, that is, big bones and cowhide. As for fishing and logging, you can learn the specific location and route. I really don’t understand, add me Q group: 27783337
The newcomer has a large size of 1-25 to kill the cow first. The best place is in the falador east bank and the cattle farm in the south. It takes only about 45 seconds to walk one way. This way, you can both level up and earn a little money to get your own equipment. Equipment to go to GE to buy, or to type in GE to buy, to be generous, such as this value of 500 you buy 1000, value 1000 you buy 2000, do not reluctant to the 2 money, this village did not have this shop, miss a The seller does not know how long it will take, and there is no shortage of money! But lack of time! After wearing the secret silver equipment and weapons, you can go to the giant to collect the bones.
If you don’t understand the illustration, you have to explain the route.
For the first time, go to the giant to go down the entrance of the edgevill bank about 20 steps, then go north to the top, then turn right over the iron gate, run all the way to the end, then run south through the zombies to the end, then go west The iron gate goes straight through a pile of mines, and then you can see the giants south. stop! Before encountering the giant, there is a round room with a brass key on the ground, pick it up, and then there will be a ladder in the first giant you meet. This ladder leads to the ground. The room, located on the west side of the central bank of the city of Varrock, is close to the bank of Varrock, and you can go this route in the future without having to run from the edgevill bank. The giants here must have lost their bones, and also lost iron arrows (3), steel arrows (10), money, various magic stones and limpwurt, as well as various elements of the amulet talisman, are kept, can also sell money, 500-1500.

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