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Requires items: 1: Plank 3 ordinary boards (made with wood of WOOD)
2: 1 block of the first block of the copper block B
3: Molten glass,
The task begins:
One: Go to the north of the Castle War and talk to the observatory professor and take away the mission. (Multiple candidates: first, second, first.) After dialogue, dialogue and dialogue, he will collect 3 wooden boards and copper blocks and melted glasses.
Secondly: then go around the place of the mission, almost have a house with a ladder at the top right, from the stairs inside the house will go to the palace. Go to the bottom right corner to find the box. Find the wrong poison spider with level 31. Find the key in the field. Goblin kikchen key (If you do not find it, find other fields, because it’s random)
Three: then go to the room. At the door there is a blue dress with the level of a sleeping guard, whom he will rule, he will become the defender of Goblins level 42 to kill him, and you can enter. Search inside the plate to get the shape of the lens
Four: Now talk to the professor at the Observatory Professor. He will give you another flame. Combine the two things, and then talk to him. Others will disappear.
Five: Go to the palace in the same place, find another staircase, go up, there will be a dialogue, there will be cartoons. After he fixes the telescope, you go up and look at the telescope. Then turn it off. Talk to him again, the dialogue is a bit complicated, because everyone is different. The question to which you must answer is that the constellation you just saw in the telescope? I do not know, everything is wrong.

Answer correctly mission is over.

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