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Fist of guthix
Simulate Pk’s arena, but the difference with real PK is that you die without falling items.

How to get to the game room
– Walk, go north from the varrock north gate and go north to the wild lvl10

– Flying, flying directly with the duel ring
(no task requirements or level requirements required)

First time
Talk to the big bug in the room and get a manual to start the game. (The manual is useless,
Direct destroy)

Preparation before the war,
– Bring as much as possible of the best equipment you have, magic, physical, and shooter. Exercise
Flexible to change equipment in the empty space of each attack delay during combat.

– No need to bring magic stones and food to enter, nor to bring. Five 150-pound bandages will be issued in the arena to
And 300 synthetic stellars that can replace the mind chaos death blood nature body soul and 1000 attributes of the magic stone that can replace the air fire water earth.

– Some magical skills are prohibited in the arena, such as high alch. Can only use aggressiveness
And bundling and weakening magic.

– When using bows and arrows, you don’t need to pick them up. After the end of the game, all the fallen arrows will automatically return to the backpack, but still
It will inevitably lose a small part (for example, with the accumulator, shoot 50 rune arrows, probably 2-3 lost).

– Potion is prohibited

Combat rules
When waiting in the room, when the number of people exceeds 30, the game begins. You will be randomly assigned to a player as an opponent, level from 1-136, seeing your luck. After the game starts, the top right corner will show your opponent’s name, and your current status is hunting, or hunt by. If it is hunting, it means you are a hunter, you have to chase each other. If it is hunt by, it means that you are a prey, you need to avoid the hunter, and survive as long as possible. Both players take turns hunting and being hunted once, and the outcome of the game depends on who lives longer. Note that when you are hunt by, you can’t attack your hunter.

How to identify opponents
When your opponent is close to your line of sight, the small map on the top right will have an arrow indicating you the position of your opponent.
. When your opponent enters your sight, you will see a vertical arrow on his head. When the opponent’s level
When you are above you, you can’t start the attack with a left click. You must right click on the target and select att XXX (the name of the other party), so remembering your opponent’s name at the beginning of the game will help you identify it at this time. Similarly, when you are hunting, you can hide in the crowd (there are usually many people in the circle) so that your opponent can’t quickly identify you, and you can delay some survival time.

Next is the focus, how to calculate the survival time?
When you are a prey, there will be a countdown of 3 seconds when you start the game. At this time, you will see that you are not far away.
There is a stone platform with a round stone ball on it. After the countdown, I took a stone ball and equipped it on my body.
Need both hands), equipped with a stone ball, you will find that the score in the upper right corner begins to increase.

Tuen Mun
– Under normal circumstances, when you are being hunted, when the stone ball is equipped, the increase in the score is very slow. But when
There is a circle in the middle of the arena. When the character is holding the stone ball in this circle, the score increases by 2-3 times in the normal period. Therefore, most mainstream players will choose to stand in the circle and be beaten by opponents, open prayer protection, and flexibly change equipment according to the opponent’s attack mode.

– Hide and seek is also a way to avoid overweight and increase scores. Use the 4 rooms around the circle to hide
Avoid the opponent, when the opponent leaves the line of sight, then return to the center circle to increase the score.

Winning and losing judgment
When the two sides take turns killing each other once, the game ends. Whoever scores high and who wins. Victory can get 10 points and 10 tokens. The loser loses 3 points, but there is still a consolation prize for 1 coin. Note that if you escape in the game, you will lose 20 points, and even if you win in the next round, the game currency will be halved. If your score exceeds 1000, you will get 12 game coins, over 2000, 14 and 3000. . . So incremental.

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