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Difficulty: Medium Skills: 14th grade pharmacy, 14 magic, 15 theft, 25 agility and 40 level mining. Must defeat the level68 monster. Can resist the attack of level 111 monsters. Items need: 20gp+ (multiple points with a 5K) a gold bar, a lit candle, a death rune, a pickaxe, a dragon… Continue Reading WatchTower kills the Blue Dragon mission

Murder Mystery (murder mystery) mission guide (member) Requires item: pot (can). Reward: 2000GP 3 Quest Points 1406 Crafting xp Skills: None Difficulty: easy Starting point: Sinclair mansion in the north of Camelot Castle. Start talking to the guard at Sinclair mansion, pick up the room with red dots after picking… Continue Reading Murder Mystery (recipe of disaster recipes)

First place – Giant sipder! (Under Gunnar’s ground) Some people say that the giant sipder is only 10 levels. How can it be used for leveling? note! This is a special giant spider that only has SS (the underground of Cannes, the underground of the former barbarian village). This kind… Continue Reading Top 5 members of the non-member leveling monster

Why buying Runescape Gold You are playing your favorite fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (yes, it is RuneScape). You have your own goals and goals. Grinding the RuneScape GP has always been part of this game experience and has been back to RuneScape Classic. Some players really enjoy being… Continue Reading Buy Runescape Gold from RSCoupon

Fighting skills Attack, improve this technique can use more weapons, and improve the yardstick of close physical attacks, in other words, the higher the “attack” skill level, the closer the physical attack is more likely to hit the enemy. Strength, enhance this technique can improve the power of close physical… Continue Reading Runescape various skills introduction -RS Coupon